Castle Loudspeakers

Castle Acoustics was founded in Yorkshire, United Kingdom in 1973. Castle's experienced staff carefully select hand crafted real wood veneers while continually improving accuracy and dynamics of their loudspeaker models.

castle-richmondCastle Richmond Anniversary 3i

Castle’s Richmond Anniversary 3i harks back to Castle’s founding in 1973. The Richmond Anniversary 3i is a classic British monitor design, delivering exceptionally clean and accurate sound from a very compact cabinet.
RRP $1299

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castle knight 1 loudspeakersCastle Knight 1

Castle’s Knight 1 bookshelf speaker brings you wonderfully sophisticated sound from a relatively compact cabinet. Perfect for classical listening. As with all Castle speakers, the Knight one is beautifully presented with hand-finished real-wood veneers.
RRP $599

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castle knight 2 loudspeakersCastle Knight 2

With increased driver and cabinet size, the Castle Knight 2 retains all of the warmth and sophistication of the Knight 1 while allowing for greater presence and breadth of frequency response. RRP $799

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castle-knight-3Castle Knight 3

The Knight 3 is Castle’s entry-level floor-standing speaker, the first in their range to integrate Castle’s patented TPT (Twin Pipe Tuning) to deliver a staggering bass response with little of the ‘boominess’ associated with other ported speaker designs. RRP $999

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castle knight 4 loudspeakersCastle Knight 4

The Knight 4 is Castle’s value-for-money floor-standing speaker. Each Knight 4 speaker uses two of Castle’s extremely lightweight and rigid woofers to deliver serious punch in a small package. RRP $1299

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castle knight 5 loudspeakersCastle Knight 5

The Knight 5 is the king of Castle’s Knight range, by far the most efficient speaker in that range. The increased cabinet size of the Knight 5 allows Castle’s TPT (Twin Pipe Tuning) technology to truly shine. The result is stunning. RRP $1799

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