Below are some of the manufacturers of headphones and Head-fi we recommend...you might also like to visit our Headphone Specials page.

aedle_logoAedle manufacture high quality headphones that are more than beautiful objects, they are functional and made to be worn. visit www.aedle.net

akgAKG for over 60 years has been a major innovator and manufacturer of headphones with superior advanced designs and superb sound quality. visit www.akg.com

focal_logoFocal headphones are fast becoming an essential reference for those looking for a true high definition sound in a headphone. visit www.focal.com

koss_logoKoss has over 40 different models of headphones, ranging from top-of-the-line electrostatic, noise reduction systems, infrared, lightweight & portable designs. visit www.koss.com

musical_fidelity_logoMusical Fidelity is renowned for outstanding Hi-Fi Products, their headphones are designed for the music lover to take Hi-fidelity sound with them wherever they go. visit www.musicalfidelity.com

oppo_logoOPPO Digital is continuously working on bringing new ideas to Hi-Fi and their headphone products are creating a massive buzz in the head-fi market. www.oppodigital.com

sennheiser_logoSennheiser is regarded as one of the world's leading headphone manufacturers, with a huge range of models with outstanding performance. visit www.sennheiser.com

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