NAD (an acronym for New Acoustic Dimension) has been building electronics since 1972. When it comes to performance, instead of needless bells and whistles, NAD focuses on extremely high quality internal components to optimumize the performance of their products in real-world listening situations.

NAD Cash Back Offer

In 2017 NAD Electronics is celebrating their 45th anniversary of incorporating innovative technologies into their music first audio products.

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NAD C-388 Integrated Amplifier 

Hybrid Digital™ 150w (continuous) integrated DAC amplifier, with a customised version of the high-end Hypex UcD output stage. Provides massive power with nearly unmeasurable distortion. RRP $2299

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NAD C-368 Integrated Amplifier

Hybrid Digital 80w (continuous) integrated DAC amplifier, with a customised version of the high-end Hypex UcD output stage. Provides massive power with nearly unmeasurable distortion. RRP $1499

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NAD C-338 Integrated Amplifier 

Hybrid Digital DAC Integrated amplifier. With built in DAC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Instantly connect to the C 338 with Bluetooth (aptX) to stream from any bluetooth enabled device. The bluetooth can also be used to listen to other sources connected like wireless headphones. RRP $999

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nad c375bee integrated amplifierNAD C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier

The NAD C 375BEE is in a league of its own as far as inexpensive, high-fidelity, stereo amplifiers are concerned, borrowing most of its technology from the integrated amplifier of the NAD Masters series – the M3. RRP $2299

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nad c356bee integrated amplifierNAD C 356BEE Integrated Amplifier

The NAD C 356BEE is where NAD integrated amplifiers get serious, with enough guts to effortlessly drive most speakers (2x 80 watts at 0.009% THD) and enough sonic warmth to make listening enjoyable at all volumes. RRP $1199

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nad c326bee integrated amplifierNAD C 326BEE Integrated Amplifier

The NAD C 326BEE is NAD’s response to a call for great value for money at a manageable price – for a brand renowned for its value that’s saying something. RRP $799

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NAD C-316BEE Integrated Amplifier

The C316BEE is NAD’s entry-level integrated amplifier thats award-winning design exceeds all expectations, including Stereophile magazine who awarded it their “Recommended Components". RRP $599

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NAD C725BEE - AM/FM Receiver 

One of the last remaining AM/FM stereo receivers left on the market for the music lovers. Absent are all the AV features replaced by with 2 x 50w high current amplifiers that actually sounds great! Ideal for those living in the country that don't have DAB+ digital radio. RRP $1099

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Integrated Amplifiers

NAD D-3020 2x 30w Hybrid Digital integrated amp, Bluetooth. RRP $699

CD Players

NAD C-516 BEE CD Player. RRP $479
NAD C-546 BEE CD Player. RRP $849
NAD C-568 CD Player, with USB input. RRP $1099 


NAD C-427 AM/FM Tuner RRP $699

MDC Modules

(Adds additional functions to MDC equipped equipment)

NAD DD-BluOS 24/192 music streamer, BluOS multi-room ready RRP $799 
NAD DD-AP-1 XLR in, RCA line in, MM/MC phono in RRP $449
NAD DD-HDM-1 HDMI in x 3 / out x 1. PCM up to 24/192. 1080p RRP $399
NAD PP-375 phono preamplifier MDC module - RRP $159
NAD DAC-2.0 MDC Module - DAC RRP $319

Network Zone Players

NAD CI-580 Network 4 zone music player, BluOS. RRP $1799 
NAD CI-720 Network stereo zone amplifier, 2 x 60w. BluOS RRP $1399 
NAD RM-720 Rack Mount to hold up to 6 x CI 720. RRP $599 

Custom Power Amplifiers

NAD CI-980 Power amplifier. 8 x 50w. RRP $2199 
NAD CI-940 Power amplifier. 4 x 35w. RRP $1399 


NAD D-8020 2-way compact monitors for D-3020 amplifier RRP $499


NAD VISO HP30 On-ear headphones RRP $299

Phono Accessories

NAD PP-2e Phono preamp RRP $189
NAD PP-4 Phono preamp, with USB output RRP $299

Digital To Analogue Converters

NAD DAC-1 Wireless USB DAC RRP $349