Piega Loudspeakers was founded in 1986 and is renowned for extruded aluminum enclosures and in-house-made ribbon drivers, no other company even comes close to Piega’s experience with ribbon transducers. Piega speakers are built one at a time with meticulous attention to detail you’d expect of Swiss hand-craftsmanship.

Piega Premium 50.2 now demonstrating. 

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Piega Classic 7.0

Classic 7.0 is equipped with two luxurious 180 mm bass and mid-range speakers. This superb double-bass system delivers an incredibly extended low frequency response, filling larger spaces with sound effortlessly.

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Piega Classic 5.0

The Classic 5.0 features two 130 mm MDS bass and mid-range speakers giving this particularly sleek floor cabinet astonishingly powerful bass resonance. The columns, which are close to one metre in height, are the perfect acoustic transducers for smaller and mid-sized spaces.

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Piega Classic 3.0

Classic 3.0 is the new entry-level model of the series, designed as a high quality bookshelf unit, featuring the new AMT-1 tweeter and a 180 mm MDS bass and mid-range speaker set to work in its approximately A4-sized baffle.

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piega_ts4cPiega TS4C Slimline Speaker

When used in combination with the TS5 and TS3, the TS4C slimline loudspeaker enables you to create a home cinema system with a really live character. This loudspeaker also boasts the impressive design features of the new TS Series. Due to its symmetrical radiation properties, the TS 4 C offers excellent use as a rear loudspeaker.

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piega_as-3Piega AS 3 loudspeakers

The AS 3 loudspeakers provide absolute listening pleasure. The housing is identical to the AP 3. The difference lies in the tweeter, while the bass chassis are identical to those of the AP 3.

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piega_ts5Piega TS 5 Slimline column loudspeaker

The slim-line column loudspeaker with its double-bass components with MDS® technology, precise aluminum housing, neodymium dome and precision-designed
frequency crossover. For a loudspeaker with such a fine, slim appearance,
the TS 5 offers an astonishingly solid sound which was simply unachievable before.

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piega_tp4cPiega TP4C compact center speaker with ribbon tweeter

Designed for the most demanding requirements and combines outstanding home cinema quality with modest dimensions. The TP4C comes with all the technical benefits of the TP Series, thus allowing systems to be created that are appealing even when space is limited.

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