music system two Tivoli Audio Specials

Tivoli Audio radios are simple to use and beautifully designed and are now at drastically reduced prices! find out more.

tangent_cinqueTangent Cinque CD-player AM/FM Clock Radio

The Tangent Cinque is a digital sound centre with an AM/FM Radio and integrated CD-player (plays MP3 and WMA file formats) that can be accessed via the handy remote control. Engage the built-in clock radio functionality, and let your preferred source start your day. Was RRP $599 Special $399

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tangent_quattroTangent Quattro FM/Internet Radio

Tangent Quattro is the first internet-capable member of the Tangent audio family. Connecting to several thousands of internet radio stations is as simple as it is pleasurable. Was RRP $699 Special $599

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tangent_duoTangent Duo AM/FM Clock Radio

Tangent Duo is a splendid clock radio that delivers the perfect wake-up call, this elegant addition to your bedside does it’s best to pleasantly awaken you. The FM/AM radio contained within features classic manual tuning, in tune with Tangent Duo’s retro styling. Was RRP $399 Special $299

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Tangent UNO 2goTangent UNO 2go AM/FM Portable Radio

The Tangent UNO 2go is a portable retro AM/FM radio perfect for a gift idea. The UNO 2go is ideal for gardening and will also automatically charge rechargeable batteries when you connect it to the mains. Was $449 Special $249

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