Rotel is a Japanese family-owned manufacturer established in 1961. Rotel designs high end audio and video equipment and manufactures all of its products with meticulous circuit design.

Rotel A14 - Integrated amplifier RRP $1699
Rotel A12 - Integrated amplifier RRP $1299
Rotel RA-1570 - Integrated amplifier RRP $2399

Rotel T14 - Digital gateway and tuner RRP $1199
Rotel RCD-1570 - CD Player RRP $1299
Rotel RCD-630 - CD Player RRP $749
Rotel CD14 - CD Player RRP $799

Rotel RC-1570 - Stereo pre-amplifier $1699
Rotel RC-1590 - Stereo pre-amplifier $2699

Rotel RB-1552 MKII - Stereo power amplifier $1599
Rotel RB-1581 - mono block power amplifier $2999
Rotel RB-1582 MKII - Stereo power amplifier $2499
Rotel RB-1590 - Stereo power amplifier $4499
Rotel RMB-1555 - 5x Channel power amplifier $2399
Rotel RMB-1585 - 5x channel power amplifier $3999

Rotel A14 - Integrated Amplifier

The Rotel A14 has the ability to render a musical performance exactly as the artist intended, while still delivering the features needed to accommodate both classic analogue and the latest digital sources like Bluetooth and USB.

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rotel ra-12 integrated amplifierRotel RA-12 Integrated Amplifier

The RA-12 has 2x 60 watts output and will drive the majority of speakers with ease, while still providing all the features required for today’s digital listening.
RRP $1199 Call for special pricing!

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Rotel RA-11 Integrated Amplifier

This slimline minimalist 2 x 40 watts integrated amplifier is packed full of features for today's music lovers. These include built in phono-stage (for turntables) and a high quality DAC with digital inputs, USB and Bluetooth capabilities.
RRP $999 Call us for special pricing! 

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rotel ra-10 integrated amplifierRotel RA-10 Integrated Amplifier

Sometimes simplicity is best. Rotel’s entry-level RA-10 certainly is simple, from its sleek design to its elimination of the remote control.
RRP $599 Call us for special pricing

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Rotel RCD-1570 CD Player

This value for money hi-end CD player uses the Wolfson WM8740 digital filter and DAC chip, working up to 24/192 resolution and employs Rotel's own analogue stage and is fitted with RCA and balanced XLR outputs. 
RRP $1299 Call us for Special Pricing!

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Rotel RCD-12 CD player

Carefully developed for top CD performance, the RCD-12 uses the Wolfson WM8740 chip for its digital to analogue conversion. This DAC chip is usually only found in high-end CD players.
RRP $749 Call us for Special Pricing!

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