ELAC Loudspeaker have won a considerable number of awards worldwide, and for good reasons. ELAC build speakers to please, not to profit, and in every ELAC loudspeaker you will find the knowledge and skill of their experienced German engineers. Find out more about Elac speakers

Castle Knight Series

Castle Knight Series

Castle Knight 1 - 2 driver Bookshelf loudspeakers
Castle Knight 2 - 2 driver Bookshelf loudspeakers
Castle Knight 3 - 2 driver Floor-stand loudspeakers
Castle Knight 4 - 3 driver Floor-stand loudspeakers
Castle Knight 5 - 3 driver Floor-stand loudspeakers

Castle Richmond Anniversary (Limited Edition) - 2 driver Bookshelf loudspeakers - $1299


PIEGA builds premium loudspeakers with superior sound qualities that are simply ultra-liquid and smooth, with gorgeous tone colour. Enjoy the pleasure of music from premium loudspeakers. Relaxation and pleasure in sounds are endless - sensual pleasure for the ears and an aesthetic feast for the eyes.
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Piega Loudspeakers


Fine Loudspeakers from the famous Viennese piano maker

Brodmann Festival loudspeakers use acoustic soundboards that create a three-dimensional, true-to-life sound. Come in to Duratone to hear these fabulous loudspeakers. Read more about the new Brodmann Festival series

Richter Precious Metal Clearance up to 50% off!

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Other speaker choices

Ambience manufacture truly excellent speakers, a blend of ribbon and conventional drivers. A warm, spacious and coherent sound. www.ambiencespeakers.com.au

Bosendorfer Loudspeakers A concert hall in your home. A musical experience, from Europe's famous grand piano makers since 1828.

Brodmann Acoustics - loudspeaker designs by Hans Deutsch with unique extended radiating surfaces from soundboards a trully musical loudspeakers.  www.brodmann.at

Dynaudio. Danes don't lie! Loudspeakers utilizing proprietary drivers designed and developed specifically for each model. visit www.dynaudiona.com

Epos from the famous Mike Creek, of Creek Audio. Understated but innovative, a versatile match for a range of amplifiers. Also, excellent for lovers of vinyl. www.epos-acoustics.com

Jamo is Denmark's premier speaker manufacturer, and one of the more recognized loud-speaker brands in the hi-fi industry. www.jamospeakers.com

Mirage is an innovator in loudspeaker technology. Their Omnipolar Range has an incredible soundstage that seemingly disappears into the room. www.miragespeakers.com

Monitor Audio represent the epitome of British loudspeaker design, respected the world over for their excellence in engineering and sound reproduction. www.monitoraudio.co.uk

O'heocha are innovative designers and manufacturers of handcrafted highly acclaimed loudspeakers of exceptional sound quality and aesthetic beauty. visit www.oheocha.com

Orpheus has been manufacturing high fidelity audio loudspeakers in Australia for over 20 years. These award-winning speakers come in a number of stylish timber finishes. visit www.orpheusaudio.com.au

Paradigm quite simply offer the best speaker at their price point. We challenge you to find a more enjoyable and well engineered speaker for less money. visit www.paradigm.com

Piega - Beautifully crafted Ribbon/hybrid loudspeakers from Switzerland, elegant, insightful, analytical, with hi-frequencies to die for. visit www.piega.ch

Polk Audio Speaker manufacturers for over25 years  and hold over 20 patents for innovative speaker designs. visit www.polkaudio.com

Quad is famous for their electrostatic loudspeakers, they also offer and an exemplary mid priced range of conventional loudspeakers. visit www.quad-hifi.co.uk

Sonos - Founded in 2002 this Californian based consumer electronics company has fast become one of the leaders in wireless speaker audio products. visit www.sonos.com

Richter Acoustics - Launched in 1986, Richter Acoustics has steadily grown to become one of the highest selling Australian speakers brands of all time. visit www.richter.com.au

REL Subwoofers are difficult to beat for music systems and provide an excellent solution for those looking for speed and accuracy. visit www.rel.net