Warehouse Sale

We have closed down our warehouse so we are offering massive price reductions on new, ex-demo and discontinued products. Be fast because stocks are limited. * denotes new listing.


Project Debut Carbon - Ortofon OM10 cartridge limited colours! was $549 Special $475*
Project The Classic - In Walnut with Ortofon 2M silver cartridge was $1798 Special $999*
Project The Classic - In Rosenut with Ortofon 2M silver cartridge was $1798 Special $999*
Project The Classic - In Eucalyptus with Ortofon 2M silver cartridge was $1798 Special $999*


Anthem PVA-7 - 7 channel 125 watt power amplifier. RRP $3299 Special $2699 *
NAD C375BEE Integrated Amplifier, 2x 150W, 6x line input. RRP $2299  Special $1999
CR Woodham KT88 - Class A/B Tube Integrated Power Amplifier was RRP $5999 Special $3999 
Lector ZAX 60 - 60 watt@8ohms FET integrated amplifier was RRP $1395 Special  $1195
Atoll IN50 - 50 watts@8ohms Integrated Amplifier was RRP $995 Special $795
Sonneteer Campion - 30 watts@8ohms, integrated amplifier was RRP $1995 Special $1799


Paradigm Signature ADP1v2 - di-polar surrounds were RRP $4999 (pr) Special $2499
Paradigm Cinema Series speakers from only $169
Paradigm Millenia Series speakers from only $639
Paradigm Studio ADP-590v5 - Dipole Rear/Surrounds were RRP $2999 (pr) Special $1699
Paradigm Monitor ADP-170v3 - Dipole Rear/Surrounds were RRP $999 (pr) Special $499
Polk Audio CSi A4 Centre Channel in black RRP $549 (ea) Special $349
Tannoy Mercury MC Shadow Centre Channel in black RRP $399 (ea) Special $199
Paradigm Signature C1v2 Cherry RRP $2500 (ea) Special $1999 * 
Bose Model 100 speakers in Black (discontinued) were RRP $399 (ea) Special $199
Mirage FRX Rears - 2-Way Di-polar Rears in Black (ex-demo), were RRP $799 (pr) Special $399
Richter Precious Metal PM-301 - Floor-standing loudspeakers were RRP $899 (pr) Now $699

Outdoor Speakers

Paradigm Rock Monitor 80 - 3-driver, weather sealed enclosure. was RRP $649 (ea) Special $399
Paradigm Rock Monitor 60 - 3-driver, weather sealed enclosure. was RRP $499 (ea) Special $299

In-Ceiling & In-Wall Speakers

SpeakerCraft In-wall Package - (5x) SC-600w 2 way, in-wall speakers Special $300
Niles CM6.3SI - Single Point Stereo moisture resistant In-ceiling speaker was RRP $299 Special $159
Paradigm AMS200 In-wall speakers (discontinued) were RRP $499 Special $299

iPod Docks

Monitor Audio Ideck - 2x18W iPod speaker/dock was RRP $799 Special $399
Tangent Pearlbox - Ipod dock designed by Jean-Yves Le Porcher was RRP $349 Special $149
Tivoli iYiYi iPod Dock (ex-demo) was RRP $599 Special $479
Jamo i200 iPod Dock was RRP $349 Special $249


Tangent UNO 2go - AM/FM Portable Radio, Was RRP $449 Special $249


Sonken STD-120 - Satellite Speaker Stands were RRP $130 Special $99

Loud-speaker Stand Specials

Book-shelf and Monitor speaker's sound better when placed on speaker stands, and here is your chance to snap up a pair of loud-speaker stands at a very special price!

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universal remote controlRemote Control Clearance

We also have a range of New, Ex demo and discontinued stocks of Remote Controls and Universal Remote Controls that have drastically reduced to clear, but be fast stocks are strictly limited!

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Paradigm Cinema Series Specials

All the speakers you need to start your Home Theatre! We are running out these fabulous classic Paradigm home cinema speakers in both systems and individual speakers. Cinema series prices start at only $169

To Find out more about the Paradigm Cinema Specials

SpeakerCraft 5.1 Package.

5.1 In-wall home theatre speaker package. Includes: 5x SpeakerCraft SC-600w 2 way, in-wall speakers, ideal for a 5.1 home theatre room. Special $300

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Television Clearance

Loewe TVThese superbly manufactured televisions of European design produce a picture of unparalleled naturalness and depth. Words won't do these displays justice, so come to our store and view them yourself today!

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vdh_hdmiVan den Hul HDMI Cable Clearance

Van den Hul is the world's leading name in interconnects and speaker cable, designed without compromise for the most optimal sound. We are clearing out our current HDMI stock, with many cables at wholesale prices!

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