rel_tzero_whiteRel T-Zero Subwoofer

The T-Zero is a tiny 100 Watt (RMS) micro subwoofer, that in many ways, delivers so much for so little with so much sound quality. RRP $799

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rel_t5_blackRel T5 Subwoofer

The T-5 features a 150w amplifier that produces a sophisticated blend of style and design, in a potent, compact package. RRP $999

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Rel S3 SubwooferRel S3 Subwoofer

The Rel S3 features a 400W Digital Amplifier that delivers fast, extended bass and provides sound beyond its size. RRP $3199 call for Special Pricing!

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paradigm dsp3200 subwooferParadigm DSP-3200v2 Subwoofer

Single 12" driver, dual high-velocity low-turbulence resistive ports, bass-reflex, built-in High-Current Amplifier, Discrete Output 900 watts Dynamic Peak / 300 watts RMS Sustained, Auto-On/Off and soft clipping.

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paradigm dsp3100Paradigm DSP-3100 v2 Subwoofer

Single 10" driver, dual high-velocity low-turbulence resistive ports, bass-reflex, built-in amplifier, High-Current Amplifier, Discrete Output 600 watts Dynamic Peak / 200 watts RMS Sustained, Auto-On/Off and soft clipping, USB Port for PBK Interface. RRP $1199 

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paradigm ultracube 12 subwooferParadigm Ultracube 12

Great bass extension from a small footprint ... this compact subwoofer has a super-efficient 650 watts RMS advanced Class-D™ amplifier driving advanced high-power drivers and dual passive radiators, everything about the Ultracube is optimized for high-end performance. Was RRP $2499 Special $1499

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Paradigm Ultracube 10 SubwooferParadigm UltraCube 10 Subwoofer

Single 10" high-excursion driver, dual 9" passive radiators, built-in Super-ClassD™ High-Current amplifier, Discrete Output 1500 watts Dynamic Peak / 650 watts RMS Sustained, Auto-On/Off, soft clipping, thermal protection and electrical shorting protection.  Was RRP $1999 Special $1199

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krix_seismix3_subwooferKrix Seismix 3 Subwoofer

300w@4ohm RMS Class D amplifier, 275mm Large throw bass driver with High efficiency, low power usage, high performance. saves you money. Front vented to Release bass energy forward to allow unit to be used inside custom cabinetry. RRP $1,095

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sonos-subSonos Wireless Subwoofer

The Sonos Sub brings a deep bass sound that wirelessly connects to existing Sonos products like the PLAY:1, PLAY:3, PLAY:5, PLAYBAR and CONNECT:AMP

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